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whats that someones getting their heart broken over one of my favorite characters in knights

vienya is an ADORABLE BABY and the lemonoug have got it so rough. let me tell you about my vienya feelingsbecause she is Important. she is also the knights character i draw most (more than my actual favorite character even!! but thats because my favorite character’s costume is really ridiculous even by knights standards)

well-written disabled characters handled with care more like yelling a lot

also it appears that you’ve finally met Arlier, Professional Huge Lesbian!!! she’s another favorite character of mine and im sure youre going to love her too >w< yelling about arlier/sacchito 5ever

Yelma get the fuck out of this plotline. nobody wants you involved in this

a beautiful summary of the entire game

combusts messily into a charred pile of emotions

i can’t even deal with her and i’m really upset. and now i also need to check out your fanmix when i’m done with the game. h e l p ; ;

i’m glad everyone’s enjoying my pain so much at least! :(

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laughs forever

Gif of Kratos's model in Tales of Symphonia encountering, uh, some kind of error and crumpling bizarrely to pieces in a way it is clearly not intended to

why this


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There needs to be a speculation blog where people can submit these instead of sending you asks because there’s no need for you to have to answer these in way, shape, or form >3>

I feel like if there was any manner of “Clockwork blog” besides my own, it’d p.much just be all my art reblogged there;;

I don’t really like running more than one blog, and idk if anyone would actually want to run a CW blog for submissions/speculation/ect;; We’re still a small fandom

Haha, I would totally be up for running a thing like that (whether speculation-specific, or—probably more practical considering fandom size—general Clockwork fanblog including speculation), as I’ve wavered about a bunch in the past, but I guess I just don’t really know how one would get something like that started? (Plus lately I do have limited computer access, so at least atm I would probably not be a helpful person to volunteer myself for that job, oops.)

my point is there should totally be a Clockwork fan blog for wild speculation and fan inanity and preserving all of the above for all time, but heck if I know how to establish something like that. |D;

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Since my first name isn’t exactly common, I’d prefer it if those who do know it didn’t include it. They are, however, permitted to say “I KNOW YOUR TRUE NAME, MWAHAHAHAHA”

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Responses to that narrative kink ask meme from over the weekend, since I didn’t have any computer access Fri-Sun, oops.

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Trope deconstructions in general, and stories about stories?

The latter is a definite yesyesyesyesyes!, which I’m sure surprises no one. GUYS STORIES ARE SO IMPORTANT. LOOK AT WHAT YOU CAN DO WRITING STORIES ABOUT THE ROLE STORIES PLAY IN OUR LIVES. *__* i am the most predictable and i don’t even care in this case.

The former … well, simple answer, yeah, I do tend to really like deconstructions! But this comes with the caveat that lately people do a loooot of using the word ‘deconstruction’ to mean things that are a) not actually—or at least not primarily—deconstructions, and b) often that obnoxious brand of “look how ~self-aware~ and ~edgy~ and therefore REALISTIC I am!!” that I have no patience for.

So yes, I do like deconstruction! But not the try-hard, arbitrarily 2edgy5you variety that yells “but it’s a DECONSTRUCTION!!” at you in place of actual substance. Deconstruction, like shocking plot twists and many other shiny things, is not its own point, and I don’t care about your story—deconstruction, ‘deconstruction’, or otherwise—if you don’t actually care about going anywhere with it.

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the power of friendship / shut up hannibal - audrey/andy why can’t I enter on this fuck tumblr let’s all move

Heck yes, power of friendship! Friendship and love are the most important things no matter what anyone says, and we’ll see who’s laughing at whose priorities when that bond of trust is directly responsible for saving the day. B) Caveat, of course, that I’ll be severely unimpressed if you try to pull POWER OF FRIENDSHIP!! when you haven’t actually demonstrated the meaningful bond between the characters in question. If the actual text of the relationship doesn’t convince me of that bond in its own right, then as far as I’m concerned there is no reason it should be able to convince the plot.

And yes, 'Shut Up Hannibal' (warning: TV Tropes) is basically always super satisfying. Especially considering how often you don’t get it—would everyone stop taking the villain’s smug lecturing seriously ffs :|



It’s really regrettable that I’ve gotten into The World Ends With You, because my reaction to pretty much everything is ‘what if Kitaniji plays foosball’.

What if Kitaniji and the Composer play foosball during Tin Pin Slammurai’s commercial break

What if Minamimoto and ‘Megumi-cha~n’ play foosball.  Naked.  Well, Minamimoto is, anyway, because Hanekoma took all his clothes and rebranded them and his stats aren’t high enough to wear them yet.  Sorry, Pi-Face.

What if Kitaniji throws reaper parties and Higashizawa is the bartender and Konishi has perfected her foosball strategy

Does Kitaniji have to feed the fish in the aquarium in the floor.  Is that part of his Conductor duties.

So I marathoned a bunch of Knights in the Nightmare over the weekend. And it ruined my life. So I decided to take a breather from that for the moment, except unfortunately what I did while taking a breather was read a bunch of Alexandra Quick, which actually ended up ruining my life even more than Knights had. And then my weekend was over, and so all-in-all my life is extremely ruined right now and everything hurts forever, but I guess anyone popcorning at my Knightsblogging can thank my brother for being the one to rec Alexandra Quick, because I am now a lot more willing to get back to the pain and suffering of Knights in comparison. (The moral of this story is that I should not trust anyone who tries to recommend fiction to me, ever.)

I think what I played was scenes 29-37? I don’t know. Why does it matter. Nothing matters.

Knights in the Nightmare cap. MONSTER IN CASTLE: 'This pain... Someone... Take this pain away...'

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hey lets do a meme-thing: guess my narrative kinks


what are the hilariously-easy-to-guess narrative tropes that speak to me on a visceral level

have at it.

&#8230; So I think this makes me pledged to an overpowered ball of ghost light with amnesia. Uh.


… So I think this makes me pledged to an overpowered ball of ghost light with amnesia. Uh.

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