I meant to do that
I meant to do everything
Including the girls

Also, some very serious speculation on the Walken family:

Josh: so here’s a question
Josh: how many generations inherit the Really Into Serial Killers gene from chane’s side
Josh: since that seems to be genetic
surskitty: All of them
surskitty: Well, that’s a lie
surskitty: some of them get it from Felix

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on czeslaw meyer and passive-aggressive domestic warfare

(This is how I spend my spring breaks now, apparently. Lots of words under that cut on the domestic life of one perfectly normal family; you have been warned.)

surskitty: okay so
surskitty: who in the apartment eats sugar cereals
Josh: firo
Josh: czes does if you have them but he will deny it
surskitty: I think Firo likes Lucky Charms and will never ever buy it for himself if he doesn’t have an excuse because he’s a Mature Adult
surskitty: so
Josh: ennis sees firo eating them and buys them next time
surskitty: firo buys it and says it’s for czes
Josh: YES.
surskitty: czes buys it and says it’s for firo
Josh: ennis buys them for firo and firo blurts out that they’re for czes!! thanks ennis you’re so thoughtful haha
Josh: you put him on the spot, okay

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I’m still in one of those “spam the RH tag because I’m bored” moods, so here’s a silly thing:

Eruca makes an official royal decree that any time Stocke does anything to indicate that his life is expendable, Raynie is allowed to punch him in the arm. She takes this important duty very seriously even though Stocke usually just rolls his eyes.


[Image: Several images from the opening credits, including: Utena and Anthy nude, Utena and Anthy in their Duelist/Rose bride outfits, Utena and Anthy losing hold of each other’s hands, Utena looking over her shoulder in front of Ohtori students, Anthy looking over her shoulder in front of Ohtori students, Utena and Anthy lying on the ground watching each other, Prince Dios with his eyes closed, Utena with her eyes closed and Utena on top of a spinning rose.

Text: I will place within some of you questions. Within others, I will place answers. These questions and these answers will not always align. The questions I provide may have no answers, and the answers I provide may have no questions. I will study the effects of these questions, and these answers. Some of you will hurt others, and others will heal. Grow my seeds inside you, and let them flower.]

Text originally from WtNV episode 9 “PYRAMID”.

if you got the genders, congrats. here’s what to do about it


  • gently and non-confrontationally as possible, abandon your respectability. abandon the approval of cis society and especially the approval of cis men as a priority, or as a key part of who you are. you might need to seek that approval for life reasons, but anything that makes you less afraid of losing it is positive, and at the very least it helps a lot to stop policing yourself for the sake of being able to continue credibly policing yourself, which is what respectability-chasing comes down to. don’t be afraid of being made out to be, or being demonstrated to be, immature, or ridiculous, or queer, or corrupt, or hypocritical, or counterrevolutionary, or perverse, or otherwise despicable for being a small and weak thing.
  • find a way to externalize your thoughts and private experiences for an audience you trust. find ways to build and foster that trust in yourself. what you say and think doesn’t have to be ready for prime time, it doesn’t have to be clear-cut, it doesn’t have to be charitable or well-reasoned or socially acceptable. the experience of making these things part of your social life without being destroyed is big in a way it’s hard to even explain. i created a little sideblog for it, with an audience of 4, followed by another with an audience of 12. one-on-one conversations are okay but i’ve found it’s harder to distance myself from what i say in what’s a basically permanent medium. there’s a vulnerability that comes with that and that was important
  • experiment. find out what works for you and what doesn’t, what makes you happy and what doesn’t. this includes not just actions but words, thoughts, self-concepts. but it also includes actions. they don’t need an audience, although it can be nice. they absolutely don’t need to be serious or real or important or permanent or represent some kind of commitment to a thing or truth about yourself. exploration is really really important and it embarasses most people to talk about it. not everyone needs or wants to explore the same things, and that’s okay. the agency to explore is what matters
  • treat yourself with kindness and generosity, and see the people you love in yourself, and see a thing you can love in yourself. this is good life advice in general but i think if i hadn’t had it in mind i wouldn’t be alive right now

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I’m confused as to why I have yet to see ace Firo and Ennis. They have been living together for 70 years and married for 20 and the most they have done romantically is kiss.  Like.  I don’t think ‘they’re shy’ is really the explanation here.




The prize, in case it was not obvious, is a t-shirt silkscreened with the “little devil” symbol worn on Luke Fon Fabre’s back in Tales of the Abyss (the symbol pictured above)! The design will be roughly 8x8” and can be printed on either the back or front (winner’s choice) on a unisex white or heather grey t-shirt (also winner’s choice!) in the winner’s size. I will ship to anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter!

Above are some examples of past silkscreening projects I have done just to show what kind of quality to expect. The dye that will be used is the same used in the bottom right example, and is safe to put in the washing machine and dryer!

The rules for this giveaway are:

  • This is a celebratory follower giveaway, so obviously you must be following my blog to enter!
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Thanks so much to all of my lovely followers! Good luck!!

Wowee, it’s April 10th already! Here’s a reminder that you only have today and tomorrow to enter my giveaway!

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A 31-minute piano medley of pieces from the unexpectedly brilliant indie visual novel, “Katawa Shoujo”.
Watch on YouTube: Click here
Download (mp3): Click here
Download visual novel: Click here


A 31-minute piano medley of pieces from the unexpectedly brilliant indie visual novel, “Katawa Shoujo”.

Watch on YouTube: Click here

Download (mp3): Click here

Download visual novel: Click here





when someone tells you about how much they love a character that dies later on



At least 60% of the time somebody starts liveblogging Radiant Historia.

#you’d think it would be pretty easy to see coming #yet people keep being totally thrown by it #if you’ve played it you know who i’m talking about

In fairness, my dramatically ironic paranoia was because they seemed like the obvious one to kill off! Even if I wasn’t sure if it would in fact happen.